Just like the Grand Rapids Griffins during a recent home game where Morgan Corwin served as a “Captain’s Kid,” Morgan considers herself a winner.

She dropped a ceremonial puck during the recent Griffins’ 6-0 win over San Antonio at VanAndel Arena, then spent the remainder of the game mingling with Spectrum Health doctors, nurses, friends and family in a private suite overlooking the rink.

Morgan, 18, born with cleft lip and palate, hung out with John Girotto, MD, and Robert Mann, MD, pediatric plastic surgeons at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. When Morgan was a baby, Dr. Mann repaired her cleft lip. Dr. Girotto performed jaw surgery on Morgan in 2015 to balance her facial bones.

Dr. Mann praised Morgan’s progress.

Morgan, of Traverse City, Michigan, said she’s slated to have another surgery in May to refine her nose. It will be her first surgery since the fall 2015 surgery that re-sculpted her jaw.

“It’s been a lot better,” she said. “I don’t have pain anymore. I can eat apples and salad a lot easier. It was hard before. It’s been really good. My smile is a lot better and I like it a lot.”

Jill Corwin, Morgan’s mom, said the surgery instilled more confidence in her daughter.

“Before, if she talked a lot or sang or chewed gum, it would hurt her jaw,” Jill said. “Now, she doesn’t have that.”

Being a “Captains’ Kid” proved exciting for Morgan, Jill said.

“She had never been to a hockey game so it was really cool for her to be able to go out on the ice,” she said. “It was just a really fun experience to watch Morgan enjoying the night. It was fun to hang out with the doctors and staff in a fun situation. It’s a stressful situation when you see them at the hospital. It’s nice to hang out with them in a different light and just have fun with them.”