Patient Story

22 pounds of love

Cricket, a therapy cat, brings happiness and wholeness to hospice patients.

Study: Women less likely to receive CPR

Woefully inaccurate notions about women may explain why some folks are prone to inaction when an ailing woman needs lifesaving chest compressions.

Lamenting the noisy neighbor

Chronic noise exposure can lead to threefold risk of heart attack, stroke or some other major cardiovascular event.

Can you literally be scared to death?

It's possible to have a sudden cardiac event related to an adrenaline surge.

Cuando persiste la duda, llame a su médico

Reciba la atención adecuada en el lugar correspondiente al pedir consejo a su médico de atención primaria.

‘Know your farmer’

Labels on egg cartons may be misleading, but here's the skinny on how to find the healthiest, most humanely produced eggs.

Sopa, sopa, y más sopa…

La dieta de la sopa está sustituyendo rápidamente a la del jugo como la preferida para desintoxicarse. He aquí todo lo que debes saber antes de comenzar un plan que parezca apropiado para la temporada de otoño.

Patient Story

‘One person can really make a difference’

It seemed like the perfect day for a run. It ended with an off-duty nurse saving a jogger’s life.

Today’s go-go world too much for too many hearts

Our fast-paced, 'always-on' world causes increased psycho-social stress and, possibly, an increase in the likelihood of sudden cardiac arrest.

El auge de las plantas

Los consumidores están optando por comestibles a base de plantas como alternativa saludable a una vida de consumir carne y leche.

Is coffee good for you?

Research shows that the health benefits of coffee—even decaf—seem to outweigh the risks.

Fitter folks suffer milder strokes

'Exercise is the 401K of health. The more you put in it, the better your health is in old age.'

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