Patient Story

‘I’m a warrior’

Fabiola Garnett suffered cardiac arrest at age 13. Two decades later, she received the gift of a heart.

Want to keep weight off? Eat slower.

Eating quickly has been associated with a higher risk for obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

15 formidables maneras para quemar calorías este invierno

¿Controlar [o evitar] la diabetes? No permita que se deteriore su rutina de ejercicios esta temporada.

Patient Story

Heart of mystery

A 3-D model helps a 10-year-old boy understand his unique anatomy. And it helps his doctors plan his treatment.

Doctors discuss how 3-D heart model helps plan patient care

'Having the printed model of the heart and having the ability to look into the chambers and look at the anatomy carefully, we can now contemplate how best to help the child.'

Must love dogs

Want to avoid a heart attack or lift the cloud of depression? The benefits of owning a pooch may surprise you.

Confused about heart disease and menopause?

This physician shares how to determine when your symptoms require a full evaluation.

Crash diets may derail your heart health

People with heart troubles should talk to their doctor before undertaking any significant changes to their eating habits.

Rely on fish oil for improved cardiovascular health?

You may want to think again. Study finds no significant benefit of oil in preventing death from heart disease, heart attacks or stroke.

Patient Story

When two hearts beat as one

Twin brothers John and Tom Pantlind shared many experiences growing up. Now they share an end to their heart troubles.

Protect your heart in 7 ways

Work to keep cardiovascular problems at bay with these prevention tips.

¿En dónde se esconde el azúcar?

Encuentre los dulces saboteadores y aprenda a mantener su alimentación saludable según lo planeado.