Spare the meat, skip the type 2 diabetes?

A mostly plant-based diet may help lower risk of the blood sugar disease.

FDA approves new type 2 diabetes medication

Agency said the injection lowers blood sugar levels, and doesn't boost risk of heart problems.

Brisk walking may ward off diabetes

Researchers determine the best amount for lowering blood sugar.

Diabetes questions of the month

Is low blood sugar necessarily a sign of diabetes? What do I have to worry about?

Diabetes questions of the month

Will diabetes limit my life choices? Have treatments improved in recent years?

Should you be tested for diabetes?

The answer may be a resounding yes, but you don’t have to make that difficult decision alone.

Diabetes steals years, adds disabilities

Middle-aged adults will lose more than 3 years because of the disease, study estimates.

Fitness in youth may be key diabetes risk indicator

A study of 1.5 million people found that fitter teens had lower lifetime risk.

Stopping the spiral

Young people with diabetes sometimes struggle with both the disease and depression. There's help available.

Diabetes questions of the month

Is diabetes reversible? Does the condition reduce my life expectancy?

Eat your way to healthier glucose levels

Dietitian offers sound advice for finding proper balance in your busy life.

Scientists identify sugar-busting enzyme in rats

But whether it might impact human obesity or diabetes isn't yet known.

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