Spider-Man is unbeatable when it comes to web-slinging. But the masked crusader has now experienced defeat after a puck-slinging contest with Levi Folkening. Levi crushed him, 10-5.

Spidey, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Thor, superheroes from a local group called the Cosplay Crusaders, added to the fun for young patients in the 11th floor playroom at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

“I hope when we visit the kids that it just gives them a chance to be kids,” Spider-Man said. “To help them forget about tests and medicine, and just have fun and goof around with us for a little while.”

Fifi Walkes looked at Wonder Woman, smiled, and said, “You look like Katy Perry.” Wonder Woman gave Fifi a smile as bright as any firework.

“It’s a great feeling to know I helped make her day a little brighter,” Wonder Woman said.

Little Gracella Chiaramonte invited Wonder Woman and Supergirl to play kitchen with her.

“I’m honored to even be able to visit these amazing kids,” Supergirl said. “And then to get the opportunity to laugh, have fun, play and be a little goofy with them, seeing them smile, push their obstacles aside for a bit and just be kids … now that is the best.”

“I have been where many of the kids are, I’ve been through some of their struggle,” Thor added. “It’s a great honor to brighten their day, if only a tiny bit!”