Cover your bases to avoid baseball injuries

Shoulder and elbow pain are on the rise among young baseball players. Here’s how to prevent further injury.

Fifteen Major League Baseball players had elbow surgeries during the 2016 season alone. Are you wondering what can be done to prevent career altering injuries? Our experienced team of sports medicine providers takes professional and collegiate level care and services to high school, middle school and recreational athletes in our community. Learn more. #backinthegame

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  • As a college baseball player and someone who has played my entire life, I can attest to the validity of these tips firsthand. I failed to follow most if not all of the guidelines mentioned, resulting in 2 separate arm injuries, both times narrowly missing surgery. Make sure you take it slow and focus on good mechanics and control!

    • Thanks, Mitch, for your comments and for sharing your experience. Feel free to spread the word about Health Beat and health news you can use! Cheers, the Health Beat team

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