aging well

Exercise an antidote for aging

Strong evidence encouraging people to commit to regular exercise is a viable solution to living healthier.

Get busy living

Your attitude about aging might affect your odds for developing dementia.

Winter temps raise health risks for seniors

Even inside temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees can put older adults at risk for hypothermia.

How resilient are your brain connections?

Certain pieces of brain structure may make some people less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

The health risks of long work weeks

Too much overtime may pose a threat to your heart.

Is dementia declining among older Americans?

Rates have fallen among those 70 and older; gains against heart disease might explain trend.

Too much TV could cost you your mobility

Excessive sitting after 50 is tied to disability.

Lower blood pressure best for seniors’ minds

Study finds that the higher the systolic number, the more cognitive test scores declined.

Take a stand on staying mobile after 80

Standing exercises better than sitting ones for preserving walking skills.

Walk the dog, gain health

Even in bad weather, seniors get about 30 minutes of daily activity by taking care of their pet.

Teaching an old brain new tricks

Explore these do's and don'ts for optimal brain health.