Alzheimer’s Disease

7 things to know about early-onset Alzheimer’s

The death of Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in college basketball, draws renewed attention to the disease that took her life.

Run, dance, garden your way to a healthier brain

Study shows a variety of activities can cut Alzheimer’s disease risk by 50 percent.

Trouble with sense of direction linked to Alzheimer’s

Virtual testing may be able to one day predict disease long before symptoms develop.

Can 3-D video games boost memory?

A study raises intriguing questions, but don't expect a cure for dementia from your Xbox, cautions a neuropsychologist.

Less stress, better brain health

Feeling super-stressed in our golden years can increase our risk for mild cognitive impairment, a pre-Alzheimer’s condition.

Can lack of Zzzs cause Alzheimer’s disease?

Here's one more reason why we can't underestimate the restorative nature of sleep in terms of brain function and memory.

Unlock the mysteries of Alzheimer’s disease

Tap into the key things caregivers must know.

Researchers find genes linked to alzheimer’s timing

Some genes sped up the disease, while others delayed it.

Researchers move closer to Alzheimer’s blood test

Early diagnosis might lead to lifestyle changes that slow disease progression.

MIND your berries and love your leafy greens

Follow this winning dietary formula to keep your brain young, reduce risk of Alzheimer’s.

What’s good for the heart is also good for the brain

Study finds risk of dementia may drop with each generation as heart health and healthy lifestyles improve.

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