blood test

Could a blood test spot lung cancer early?

Such detection could save lives.

‘A big move forward’

One-stop blood test shows early promise in detecting eight types of cancer.

Expecting? Blood type matters

You should know your blood type and your partner's blood type—and learn more about Rh incompatibility.

FDA recommends blood donations be tested for Zika

Updated guidance provides further protection for U.S. blood supply.

Baby’s immune system might hint at autism risk

Certain 'markers' in newborn blood samples seemed to predict future cases.

Blood test may help diagnose concussions

Tell-tale protein can be found in blood as long as a week after a head injury.

Researchers move closer to Alzheimer’s blood test

Early diagnosis might lead to lifestyle changes that slow disease progression.

Blood test could reveal your viral history

Can snapshot from the past be useful in the present?

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