To circumcise or not?

What you need to know about getting your baby boy snipped.

Roll up your sleeves, kids

Because the nasal spray flu vaccine didn’t work last year, people should get shots instead, experts say.

CDC sets new guidelines on sex after Zika

Men with known infection from the virus should wait six months before condom-free sex.

New diabetes cases drop for first time in decades

But it's not all good news: The U.S. still has more diabetes patients than 37 other developed nations.

CDC tweaking flu vaccine for better protection

Next season's flu shot includes last year's missing strain.

Patient Story

Cancer patients living longer than ever

Two out of three cancer patients survive five years or more, and Bill Crooks is here to tell you how to be on the better end of this statistic.

La comunidad hispana de EE.UU. encara desafíos únicos en materia de salud según la CDC

Los índices de mortalidad a causa del cáncer y enfermedades coronarias son más bajos en la comunidad, no obstante los latinos son más propensos a morir por causas como la diabetes y homicidio.

CDC: Number of Americans taking statins keeps rising

Even more should be taking them to cut risk of heart attack and stroke, cardiologist says.

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