children’s health

New guidelines focus on child pulmonary hypertension

The sometimes fatal heart and lung disease requires different strategies for children and adults.

‘Sunshine vitamin’ lowers MS risk

We've long known vitamin D can calm the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Evidence shows it may help prevent it, too.

Kids + hand sanitizer = Bad news

Fruity gels are causing alcohol poisoning and drunkenness in children.

Patient Story

Healthy moms. Healthy babies.

Like favorite aunts, the MOMS staff combines moral support with practical help.

Child cancer risk linked to home pesticides

Indoor insecticides may increase chances of leukemia or lymphoma.

Baby ’em with a massage

Even the littlest ones welcome a tender touch to calm their disposition.

Feeling itchy yet?

It's time to double down as head lice become resistant to common treatments in 25 states.

Does your kiddo have a headache?

Here's the scoop on how to identify the culprit, and how to fix the owie.

Patient Story

Cancer survivor dreams of helping sick kids be kids

'The way you live a life bigger than you imagine is when you realize that life isn’t about yourself. It’s about how we can create something together.'

13 surprising breastfeeding facts

Let's look at some unique things about breast milk and breastfeeding.

Patient Story

Cancer: A life-changing diagnosis

'I needed to prove to myself this was not going to stop me.'

School’s out, fattening behaviors are in

Kids eat more sugar and watch more TV over summer vacation.

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