diabetes management

15 awesome ways to burn calories this winter

Managing diabetes? Don't let your exercise routine grow dull this season.

Take a vacation from diabetes

Use these 25 tips to make your next trip a breeze.

New insulin pump shows big promise

MinMed 670G system requires minimal user interaction.

‘A true inspiration’

Despite a string of bad breaks, a Michigan man turns to the gym and a healthy diet to shed nearly 120 pounds and some bad habits.

Diabetes questions of the month

What does the future hold for diabetes research and treatment?

Diabetes questions of the month

Is low blood sugar necessarily a sign of diabetes? What do I have to worry about?

Diabetes questions of the month

Will diabetes limit my life choices? Have treatments improved in recent years?

Stopping the spiral

Young people with diabetes sometimes struggle with both the disease and depression. There's help available.

Diabetes questions of the month

Is diabetes reversible? Does the condition reduce my life expectancy?

Sound the alarm

Minorities are at much greater risk of developing diabetes, but early action can make all the difference.

Diabetes question of the month

What exactly is pre-diabetes?

Diabetes question of the month

What about sugar-free candy?

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