Banish those blues

Fitness, food, light therapy and socialization can help fend off the seasonal sadness that befalls many amid winter's dark and dreary months.

Stressful life, sleepless night

About a third of Americans are sleep-deprived as a result of political and economic anxieties.

Study: 3 in 4 struggle with loneliness

It even afflicts those who aren't necessarily considered high risk for emotional problems—and it's particularly pernicious in the late 20s, mid-50s and 80s.

Early support may help kids manage later

Preschool children given high levels of caring comfort show specific brain changes.

Horses may know what you’re feeling

Looking at photos of human faces, the equines seemed especially attuned to negative emotions like anger.

New type of antidepressant shows promise

More study is needed, but the compound may fight the condition in a different way.

Go ahead, cry if you want to!

You'll sadden at first, but ultimately your mood will improve.

If you’re happy and you know it, your heart will show it

Research shows personal and community optimism is connected to a healthy heart.

Second that emotion

Look at the bright side of life because studies show positive feelings have tangible health benefits.

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