Roll up your sleeves, kids

Because the nasal spray flu vaccine didn’t work last year, people should get shots instead, experts say.

Flu season hasn’t peaked yet

CDC says this year's vaccine is a good match for circulating strains.

Kids hit hard by respiratory viruses

A seasonal upswing in RSV is underway, and flu cases appear to be on the rise.

Protect yourself from colds and flu

FDA offers prevention tips, and backs flu vaccination.

Considering a flu shot? Just do it.

Now is the time to protect your family from this seasonal risk.

Flu vaccine protection expires in six months

Researchers find early fall is the best time for immunizations.

CDC tweaking flu vaccine for better protection

Next season's flu shot includes last year's missing strain.

Many states still in flu’s grip, but some areas report declines

Don’t let your guard down: CDC expects to see high activity for several more weeks.

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