Plan to rake? Don’t fall into trouble

With these helpful tips, you can avoid the major aches and pains suffered by scores of yard warriors every autumn.

Youth soccer injury rates more than doubled in 25 years

Concussion rate jumped almost 1,600 percent in same time period.

Simple steps can keep lawn mowing safe

Before cutting the grass, review these safety tips.

Death and disability from injuries down worldwide

Rate has dropped by nearly one-third since 1990.

Zip line injuries on the rise

Increasing popularity of the adventure sport brings increase in ER visits.

‘Bicycles are no longer children’s toys’

Caution becomes the word of the day as adults roll into the ER with a whole lot of (serious) injuries.

Prevent summer camp injuries

Warning: Accidents often happen during supervised activities. Here's what you need to know.

Year-round athletics get a timeout

Playing the same sport throughout the year can lead to ‘overuse’ injuries.

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