mens health

A man’s life-saving epiphany

Middle-age guys who want to reclaim their health through diet and exercise should expect the unexpected—but anticipate results, too.

Breathe easier, ladies

New study indicates women have the aerobic edge during exercise because they process oxygen more efficiently than men.

The scales of (in)justice?

While men are predisposed to lose weight faster and easier, women can still see formidable results with the right lifestyle.

PSA on the PSA

Public Service Announcement on the Prostate-Specific Antigen test: 'Don’t give up—smarten up.'

More than just a nightly nuisance?

Frequent trips to the bathroom could indicate bigger problems for men 50 and older.

Women: Accept your body

More women are embracing their figures, but study finds men are a bit concerned about their muscle size.

Negative on the positive

If you're a guy, you don't want to trigger a positive reading on a pregnancy test—find out why.

Sweat it out

Vigorous exercise and nutritious diet lowers odds for prostate cancer.

Mortal combat

Genetics ensure women live longer, but men can narrow the gap.

U.S. men with depression and anxiety often go untreated

Close to one in 10 American men suffers from depression or anxiety, but fewer than half get treatment.

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