Study: ‘Phantom’ phone vibrations affect 9 in 10

Constantly checking your phone can heighten stress and lower productivity—especially if you're a young person.

June 15, 2017 0

If you can’t stay off social media, maybe it’s in your genes

DNA differences substantially influence how individuals interact with the media.

February 2, 2017 0

Selfie-obsessed? Could be low self-esteem

Some people look at social media photos so much that it lowers their satisfaction with life and self.

November 10, 2016 0

Lead the charge against cyberbullying

Parents play a critical role in safeguarding their children from the harms of online abuse.

November 2, 2016 0

Cell phone addiction dials up concerns

Dependency on mobile devices negatively impacts sleep, school work and social skills.

October 13, 2016 0

Campaign cool-down: 5 tips to guard mental well-being

We have a few more months of presidential politics to endure. A psychologist suggests ways to cope.

August 3, 2016 3

Don’t blame behavior on a full moon

International study puts common myth to rest.

May 17, 2016 0

Sticks and stones and … social media?

Bullying has been a reality for generations of youngsters—but today's youth are exposed to a particularly vicious strain, worsened by social media and technology.

November 20, 2015 0

Report urges end to ‘conversion’ therapy

Mental health experts say the practice is ineffective and potentially harmful.

October 24, 2015 0

I have cancer. Let’s connect

Patients turn to social media to cope with illness and share their personal stories.

June 13, 2015 2

Parents and social media: To share or not to share?

As a parent, it’s important to know how far is too far when it comes to crossing the boundaries between public and private life.

April 9, 2015 0

If you’re happy and you know it, your heart will show it

Research shows personal and community optimism is connected to a healthy heart.

April 8, 2015 0