Women’s Health

Kick dreaded belly fat to the curb

Avoid—or handle—this common midlife health issue once and for all.

Portrait of a young woman

It’s never too late (or too early) to engage in healthy behaviors that can have lasting power.

Make your health a priority at any age

It’s never too early to take stock of your health.

Delivery time: Steps to pain management

Think of your options as rungs on a ladder.

FDA: Know risks of permanent birth control

Some devices can cause serious complications—and it may also take up to three months before they start working.

Patient Story

Susan Sniegowski drops the gavel on breast cancer

The verdict is in: This circuit court judge wouldn't allow her diagnosis to change her life.

Ever heard of placental encapsulation?

More and more women are opting to use their placenta after giving birth.

Why sleep eludes some women

Here's a hint: It's not what you think it is.

Spotting breast cancer in a ‘blink of an eye’

Skilled radiologists see abnormalities immediately, and researchers want to learn how.

Patient Story

Misunderstood, undiagnosed

A patient with polycystic ovary syndrome urges women to ask questions until they get the answers they need.

Long work hours may hurt your health

Being on the job for more than 60 hours a week has damaging effects on women's well-being.

Moving through menopause

Take steps now to make this life transition easier.

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