Battling bad blood

A new vaccine could be a major breakthrough in treating acute myeloid leukemia.

Mumps at 10-year high

Up to 40 percent of people with mumps have mild symptoms or none at all, so they may not realize they're sick.

CDC: Get flu shot now

As flu season picks up throughout the country, the elderly are most at risk of complications.

DNA-based Zika vaccine shows promise in monkeys

Human safety trials are already under way.

Hepatitis B and C a ‘public health problem’

Vaccine for hepatitis B and drugs that cure hepatitis C infection are giving health officials new hope.

Waning whooping cough immunity blamed in outbreaks

Teens have very little protection just a few years after vaccination.

Vaccine for deadly respiratory virus shows promise

Researcher envisions routine immunizations within a decade.

Flu vaccine protection expires in six months

Researchers find early fall is the best time for immunizations.

Open ears, open minds

Policymakers won’t know until next year if a new immunization waiver rule wins over anti-vaccination parents.

To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate? That shouldn’t be the question

People of all ages can protect their health with timely vaccination.

CDC tweaking flu vaccine for better protection

Next season's flu shot includes last year's missing strain.

Blood pressure vaccine shows promise

Experimental treatment might benefit people who forget to take meds.