You can measure strength in various ways. Some people are physically strong and can lift heavy objects or climb walls. Others are mentally strong and use their minds to overcome obstacles.

The Fourth Annual Rockford Ninja Warrior event brought 16 out of the 30 professional ninjas from the television show, American Ninja Warrior, to Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital on a recent afternoon.

Patients gasped and smiled as the ninjas did flips, handstands and other tricks.

Five-year-old Manas Multani had a question for the ninjas.

“Who is the strongest?” Manas asked.

Grant McCartney, the American Ninja Warrior from Hawaii known at the Island Ninja, said, “Manas, that is a really great question.”

“You can be physically strong, you can be mentally strong—there’s a lot of strongs,” McCartney explained. “To be honest, this group, they are very physically strong. But as we look out here and see the faces that are smiling—even if you all might be going through some tough stuff—you guys are mentally strong. So when we come here to visit you guys, we have to work on our mental strength.”