Tips for eating healthy on the go!

Women are busy! We often put too many events in our schedule, stay up later...

May 5, 2014 2

What are your exercise barriers?

I had surgery a few weeks ago to repair my hip, and I am pleased...

March 20, 2014 2

All hormone medications are not the same

Bev* recently came to see me for her annual physical, and she had just a...

February 14, 2014 2

Take care of yourself into the New Year

The holiday season is crazy for everyone; are you making yourself a priority?

December 30, 2013 0

My changing period—What does it mean?

Katie* was a new patient to our office who came to see me because she...

December 6, 2013 6

Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse

Ruth* had always enjoyed a healthy sex life and a close friendship with her husband—until...

October 28, 2013 1

The dreaded belly fat

I’ve told all of you about my mantra -- lean and ease of movement --...

July 30, 2013 8

Make my night sweats go away!

Night sweats are typically one of the most annoying symptoms of perimenopause. My patients confirm...

June 26, 2013 3