John Barnes

John Barnes is an award-winning journalist. He worked for 33 years at The Grand Rapids Press and He now writes for Spectrum Health Beat, The Detroit News and other publications. Recent awards include top honors for feature writing, coverage of justice issues, investigative reporting, enterprise writing, public service and editorial writing. The Grand Rapids-area native has four children and enjoys camping, fishing and downhill skiing.

Posts from John Barnes

Patient Story

A reservoir of healing

With the gentle touch of an artist, RaNae Couture helps patients harness the power of creativity on the path to recovery.

Patient Story

A heart for the diamond

Surgery and a steely resolve helped Howie Glupker, 76, put his heart attack behind him and the softball field ahead.

Patient Story

Independence days

Project SEARCH teaches young adults like Jaime Blomeling about independence. "I could work here the rest of my life," Blomeling says.

Patient Story

On the ninth floor

Thomas Sikkema, who went from outfield to in-patient, is using his gift of compassion to help others find their way.

Patient Story

A search for solutions

A rheumatologist summarizes one patient's winding road to diagnosing an autoimmune disease: "It is sometimes more art than science."

‘Productive and successful’

Meet Bradley Spidell: Artist, entrepreneur, volunteer.

Un largo y fabuloso camino

A sus 26 años, el amor y la esperanza llevaron a Ayde Kuyers a recorrer una jornada de 2,200 millas desde Ciudad de México hasta Michigan.

Let your light shine

Throughout her career, Dr. Rima Shah has had to push past—and through—bias and discrimination.

A long and storied road

At age 26, love and hope helped carry Ayde Kuyers on the 2,200-mile journey from Mexico City to Michigan.

More than just a nightly nuisance?

Frequent trips to the bathroom could indicate bigger problems for men 50 and older.

From lowest lows to highest highs

Real-life experience makes for a much-loved nurse. Maybe that's why Nikki Coy soars in the world of nursing.

Knowing war, finding peace

Data analyst Nicholas Kraska, a one-time Air Force mechanic during the Kosovo War, recalls the service and sacrifice of friends and family.