mosquito-borne illness

Health officials: Encephalitis cases ‘troubling’

Until the first hard frost, avoiding mosquito bites will reduce the risk of exposure to Eastern equine encephalitis.

Genetic engineering—the bloodsucker’s doom

Scientists have devised a bacteria that can interfere with mosquito reproduction, which may help cut down on the insect's population.

Patient Story

‘Feeling blessed that I’m here’

As a patient recovers from a life-threatening brain infection, a doctor reminds residents, 'West Nile virus is in our backyard.'

U.S. health officials brace for Zika battle

The mosquito-borne virus, which causes birth defects, is expected to hit Gulf Coast states including Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

Another neurological disorder tied to Zika

Researchers warn it may also cause meningoencephalitis, an infection and swelling of the brain.

West Nile virus persists in problem areas

Researchers say fears may be 'overblown'—cases aren't increasing and only about 1 percent of the infected population will develop serious neurologic illness.

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