Mental health care gap persists

Research shows that people who need these services the most may find it the least accessible—or they'll avoid it altogether because of stigmas.

Lamenting the noisy neighbor

Chronic noise exposure can lead to threefold risk of heart attack, stroke or some other major cardiovascular event.

Empathy may reside in your DNA

Genetic variants may account for about 10 percent of individual differences in compassion-oriented traits.

Stressed? Try sniffing your partner’s T-shirt

Smelling a romantic partner's clothing can make women feel calmer and lower cortisol levels.

Your brain loves poets, but may not know it

Study suggests people intuitively enjoy poems, even if they don't understand why.

Real power in positive thinking

Study finds that people who expect good things may actually lower their risk of disease.

Open invitation to binge?

Open floor plans are in style for today's kitchen—but they could encourage overeating by removing our barriers to food.

Not interested in school? Maybe they’re born that way

Study suggests genetics contribute to a student's lack of motivation.

‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ surprisingly common

Complaint of awakening due to loud, nonexistent noises was previously associated with old age, but now affects the young, too.

Second that emotion

Look at the bright side of life because studies show positive feelings have tangible health benefits.