As 7-year-old Naomi Wilke battles two forms of leukemia, she must undergo months of treatment far from home. But she and her mother find strength from a new family—her medical caregivers.
Nearly 1 in 100 babies each year is born with a congenital heart defect. Currently up to 1.3 million adults are living with congenital heart disease. In this heart-warming series, we share the stories of Congenital Heart Center patients who refuse to be defeated.
A pediatric plastic surgeon pioneers a technique to repair cleft palates that leads to better speech and jaw development for children.
When Drew Garcia loses his leg in a car accident, he shows grit and determination as he fights to return to the basketball court.
A “mini airlift” brings several children for life-changing medical treatment. The young patients touch the hearts of the many volunteers involved in their care.
The special package, flown in express from Europe, is a ‘bag of life’ for Lilly who’s undergoing a bone marrow transplant thanks to a stranger’s heartfelt donation. In this special Health Beat series, Lilly takes us through her journey as a way of promoting the gift of life.
Who are the people behind the lab coats, scrubs and name badges? What experiences have made them who they are today? This series shows the human side of the caregivers who are proud to call Spectrum Health their work home.
As Benny Boes battles a rare brain tumor, he works to make the most of each day. He and his wife, Elise, see every moment they have together as a gift to treasure.
Todd Alward’s muscles are slowly deteriorating as ALS does its work. But his indomitable spirit shines brightly and he’s determined to keep on smiling, no matter what. This special Health Beat series chronicles Todd’s thoughts on health, life, and the hereafter.
Healthier Communities dedicates $6 million each year to community programs for underserved individuals. They focus on improving children’s health, reducing infant mortality, and helping at-risk adults prevent and manage chronic disease.
Did you know eating a Mediterranean diet could prevent or even reverse metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors for heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes?
Jazir plays with action figures, but no one would blink if he declared his real superhero the 42-year-old man who supplied a kidney and a new way of life for a little boy who waited so long.
You pass their messages, posted in bustling, busy places. Some are people on paper, with fliers posted on bulletin boards. Others use community and online bulletins boards. This special Health Beat series profiles people with bulletin board eyes.
They share time, joy and talents. They help visitors find their way along unfamiliar hallways, sooth newborn babies, and offer cheer to diffuse worries. We salute our more than 2,300 volunteers with this special Health Beat series.
These Spectrum Health police dogs make their rounds every day, coaxing smiles and bringing joy to patients, staff and visitors of all ages. Their job is to be lovable, but also to stand guard. The pet paparazzi follow them wherever they go.